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AuthenticateMyWiFi™ Service

AuthenticateMyWiFi™ is a hosted or cloud-based service that enables you to use the Enterprise mode of Wi-Fi Protected Access—WPA or WP2—security for your private Wi-Fi network. The service provides you with access to a RADIUS server, which performs the required 802.1X authentication.


Basically, the AuthenticateMyWiFi™ service gives you top-notch Wi-Fi security for your private WLAN, without you having to invest time and money in setting up your own RADIUS server. 


The AuthenticateMyWiFi™ service also helps you meet the HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and ISO27000 compliance requirements.


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AuthenticateMyWiFi™ Features

  • Password-Based Authentication: Users log into the network with the usernames and passwords you create. The service uses the PEAP protocol for the 802.1X authentication.

  • Wireless & Wired Support: Though designed with enterprise Wi-Fi security in mind, the service also works for wired connections when used with business or enterprise-level switches supporting wired 802.1X authentication.

  • Multi-Location Support: Use the cloud service on routers and APs at multiple locations throughout the World.

  • Web-based Control Panel: Easily configure the settings via an online Control Panel anywhere you have Internet access.


AuthenticateMyWiFi™ Advanced Features


  • Login Times: Restrict user access during set times or days of the week.

  • Expirations: Define a date and time a user account is automatically deactivated.

  • Limit Login to Specific APs: Control which routers or access points (APs) users can connect through.

  • Limit Login from Certain Devices:  Specify the devices (laptop, smartphone, etc) users can connect from.

  • VLAN Assignments: If you have business or enterprise-class equipment that supports virtual LANs (VLANs), users can be automatically assigned to the VLAN ID you specify for each individual user.



All Wi-Fi CERTIFIED hardware (wireless routers, access points, wireless adapters, etc) that supports the Enterprise mode of WPA or WP2 security (with the PEAP protocol) should work with the AuthenticateMyWiFi™ service.


Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux are all supported





Apple iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices are all supported

Why We're Better Than Other RADIUS Servers


You'll find traditional RADIUS servers that can be used for 802.1X authentication. However, we offer a few things other authentication servers don't:


  • Multi-location support: You can use our service among different locations and offices. Traditional RADIUS servers don't work well over the Internet. If you want to use a traditional server to authenticate users at multiple locations, each office would need to be connected via VPN links or have static Internet IP addresses.

  • Saves you money: Our service starts at $14/month or $140/year. Traditional RADIUS servers cost several hundred to a few thousand dollars, not including cost of time in having IT staff install, configure, and maintain it.

  • Saves you time and energy: You'll be connecting to your enterprise-encrypted network in 15 minutes or less with our service. We even offer a user guide to help you configure your computers with the 802.1X settings. Understanding how RADIUS works and figuring out how to install and configure a server can take a long time.

  • Web-based control panel: You'll receive access to an online Control Panel where you can enter your wireless router or AP details, create user accounts, and manage other settings. Most other RADIUS server don't offer web-based admin access; some don't even provide a GUI.


Setting up the Service


Our step-by-step guide will help you set up your network with our service:


  1. Create accounts for your Wi-Fi users and create a secret (password) for your router or access points (APs) in the AuthenticateMyWiFi™ Control Panel.

  2. Configure each wireless router or AP with a few settings.

  3. Connect to your wireless network and enter a username and password you created in the AuthenticateMyWiFi™ Control Panel.


You can change the usernames, passwords, and revoke access anytime via the Control Panel. Plus for each user you can optionally restrict access by login times (ie Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm), limit access via a particular Wi-Fi computer/device (ie their company-issued laptop), or via a certain AP(s).

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